Aspen Trade Stations: Your Ideal Space for Business or Storage in Hayden, Idaho

Aspen Trade Stations: Your Ideal Space for Business or Upscale Storage


A new and innovative development is taking shape on the southwest corner of Ramsey Road and Hayden Road in Hayden, Idaho. Aspen Trade Stations, a 24-unit commercial and office project, offers a unique space suitable for either small businesses as a workspace or for customized personal storage. Aspen Trade Stations offers a unique opportunity to local businesses and homeowners in northern Idaho, and we invite you to come by and apply to be one of our first tenants.


Space Designed with You in Mind


Brick-and-mortar workplaces with hundreds of employees buzzing around like bees in a hive are no longer a desirable mode of employment for many people. Increased connectivity in communications and easy and inexpensive travel means that people who feel stifled working in population centers are making lifestyle changes. 


Northern Idaho attracts independent-minded individuals, and this region has become a haven for telecommuters, entrepreneurs, retirees, and others who no longer want to live in the confines of crowded urban environments. Yet many people still have to maintain a nine-to-five routine to pay the bills or want a separate space to engage in hobbies or manage their affairs. Enter Aspen Trade Stations.


Not all of us can or even want to turn our spare bedrooms into workspaces, especially when it interferes with our family life or when family life can interfere with our ability to work efficiently. At Aspen Trade Stations, we’ve created a facility that focuses on providing versatile, efficient spaces tailored to meet the needs of small businesses and homeowners alike. Each unit offers a generous 1250 square feet of space and a 240-square-foot loft. In addition, each unit features 18-foot ceilings in the shop area, with an expansive 12 x 14 roll-up garage door to access the main shop space. 


Spaces Ideal for Small Business and Personal Use


Location is critical, and Aspen Trade Stations is situated in the heart of Hayden, Idaho, conveniently positioned near major travel corridors of Highway 95, Highway 41, and Highway 53, offering quick and easy access to your unit. 


For small businesses, Aspen Trade Stations provides convenient office and warehouse space for small operations as well as a professional space for customer contact and meetings. Aspen Trade Stations spaces can be a game-changer for trade contractors, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, or other small businesses that need a professional physical location but do not require excessive space. 


Because of the design, each unit can be “dressed down” as a workspace or “dressed up” as office space, depending upon the nature of the enterprise. When needed for workspace, there is sufficient area for machinery, tools, workbenches, and even vehicles. The convenient 12 x 14 roll-up door makes for easy access for people and equipment and allows open-air operation when desired. Alternatively, the roll-up door gives the space a modern industrial feel for a stylish office area, with plenty of room for several desks, sitting areas, and conference space. Unlike working out of your home, the separate, secure, commercial location can enhance productivity for your staff and provide a polished storefront to your local and remote customers.


For private individuals and homeowners, these units can be used for upscale off-site storage of boats, ATVs, RVs, off-season sports and recreation equipment, collections, classic car or car-kit projects, or anything else you value, all in a convenient location. Unlike storage facilities that offer cold, bare boxes, each unit at Aspen Trade Stations has power, lighting, and climate control. You can install a complete security system to safeguard your property.  


In addition, many storage rental operations are in out-of-the-way and isolated locations, where seemingly random people come and go depending on who is renting a storage space and accessing a unit at any given time. In contrast, Aspen Trade Stations is in a well-exposed and utilized business environment. Your fellow tenants will be long-term renters using their spaces regularly for business or pleasure. 


Join Us at Aspen Trade Stations


Aspen Trade Stations is your solution if you are a small business owner in need of a versatile workspace or a homeowner looking for secure storage that is several levels above the usual storage facility. Take advantage of the opportunity to be one of the first tenants at this innovative development in Hayden.


Contact Aspen Trade Stations today to tour the facility and reserve your space. Be part of this exciting venture, and find that shop space you have always wanted for your business or household. 

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