High-End Appliances: Elevate Your Kitchen

For all homes, the kitchen is usually the heart. No matter the culture, food is the great unifier: families come together, and friendships are made over meals produced in the kitchen. Whether your specialty is crafting a culinary masterpiece for an intimate dinner for two or pulling together a spaghetti feed for a crowd of 50, your kitchen is where you build some of the warmest moments of your life. 


Kitchens are also very personal: everyone has different priorities when it comes to cooking. Some people need a kitchen that will enable them to indulge their love of baking, while others want a kitchen that will be the epicenter of a lively dinner party. Still others may want both or neither. This desire to have a kitchen that matches an individual’s cooking passions explains why kitchens are the most common – and usually the most expensive – remodeling projects that homeowners undertake.


At Aspen Homes, we know how important kitchens are both as daily workspaces and hobby workshops, and that is why we always stress the importance of kitchen design to our clients. There must be more than plopping the basic elements of a stove, fridge, oven, and dishwasher into the space. Instead, your kitchen should be a space that welcomes you and invites you in, one that is a pleasure to work in for every member of the family. For custom homes, in particular, it is essential to install appliances that the owners will enjoy using and make working in the kitchen both functional and pleasurable.


Today, there is an unprecedented selection of high-end kitchen appliances available. These state-of-the-art gadgets elevate the experience of working in the kitchen and add a touch of opulence and personality to your kitchen space. In addition to offering unique designs and features for standard appliances, many companies also offer unusual appliances that can elevate your kitchen and indulge your fondest cooking passions.


Luxury Brands that Define Excellence


An array of esteemed brands have become synonymous with innovation, durability, and unmatched performance. Sub-Zero, Wolf, Miele, and Viking are among the most well-known, and companies like Thermador, Bertazzoni, Aga, ILVE, and Dacor also have built reputations for offering high-end appliances that are reliable and versatile. However, when selecting the right appliances, it is vital to go beyond the name.  Evaluate quality, style, and features and invest only in those appliances that suit you and your cooking style. 


Design as a Starting Point


One of the nice things about high-end appliances is that the companies that manufacture them generally go beyond function to design appliances that are beautiful to look at. The aesthetic appeal of high-end kitchen appliances is undeniable. Still, they can also reflect a particular style that may not suit every kitchen. For example, some are modern and sleek, while others look old-world and homey. When designing your custom kitchen, it is wise to select your appliances before you choose some of the other architectural elements of your kitchen. If you love a modern, minimalist Italian range, it may look out of place in your rustic country kitchen. Moreover, the size of your appliances will dictate some of the design features in your kitchen; getting the appliance dimensions right will be critical when designing the rest of your kitchen.


If you are dead set on a kitchen style, you should begin your search based on looks, allowing the design to guide you. You are likely to find a high-end appliance that will appeal to your aesthetic sense. If you are more interested in performance, your kitchen style may have to conform to function: if you love a particular appliance brand and want it in your new kitchen, design a kitchen in a style that complements it. In some cases, appliances may have customizable features, such as dishwashers or refrigerators that can be fitted with cabinet fronts, and that can open a new realm of possibilities in your kitchen design.

Navigating Price Points

Luxury comes at a price, and high-end kitchen appliances are no exception. Before selecting appliances, gain insight into each brand’s price range. The last thing you want is to design an appliance into your build only to discover that it will cause you to exceed your budget. Of all the rooms in a house, kitchens can be the most expensive to build because they require many structural elements, from gas lines to electrical lines, water, and venting. When you add in high-end appliances, the costs can quickly balloon. As important as it is to build a kitchen you will love, don’t let it break the bank. Be realistic about setting your kitchen budget and work within your numbers.


Features that Matter


Beyond aesthetics and price, the functionality of high-end appliances is the most critical consideration when selecting an appliance. Different brands offer various features; some may have more bells and whistles than others. Don’t just be impressed with the “wow” factor. Instead, ask yourself practical questions: have you ever really used eight burners on your stove at one time? Will that oven fit a 24-pound turkey next Thanksgiving? Can your 4-year-old toddler reach those controls? Can the dishwasher protect your china and crystal?


Also, pay close attention to the controls and interfaces of the appliances to ensure that they align with your preferences and daily routines. From smart technology integration to intuitive touchscreens, high-tech features can enhance usability and contribute to your and your family’s overall kitchen experience. At the same time, don’t “high-tech” yourself into getting appliances that you find frustrating to operate or that have features that you are not interested in using. 

Unique Appliances for Extraordinary Kitchens


Once you have covered the basics, consider adding unique appliances to elevate your kitchen. Built-in steam ovens bring a new dimension to cooking, preserving nutrients and enhancing flavors. Espresso machines seamlessly integrated into your cabinetry cater to the needs of coffee connoisseurs. Explore some kitchen magazines and discover what is out there. This is your opportunity to think beyond convention and transform your kitchens to cater to your unique tastes and preferences.


Where to Find High-End Appliances


While some retail stores may carry these brands, they can most often be found at showrooms and design stores specializing in high-end appliances. Sometimes, you may not be able to find a local source; you may have to do a fair amount of online research or travel to see and touch an appliance you are interested in. When visiting a showroom, many are happy to demonstrate the features and may even offer cooking classes or training sessions. 


If you love cooking and you love food, designing a kitchen for your custom home is an enjoyable experience, and selecting just the right high-end appliances to install is exciting. Aspen Homes knows that kitchen design requires attention to detail, and we are ready to help you with design ideas for creating the kitchen of your culinary dreams. If you are ready to embark on a custom home journey, please reach out to Aspen Homes and let us bring your vision to life.

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