Designing Your Master Bath for Utility and Luxury


Building a custom home with Aspen Homes brings a unique opportunity to tailor every aspect of your living space to your tastes and preferences. One of the most exciting areas for customization is undoubtedly the master bath. Although master baths are functional, they have also become a room in which homeowners indulge their tastes for luxury and comfort. If you have ambitions of turning your master bath into a dream oasis that helps you escape the outside world, here are some ideas to inspire your creative side.


Trendsetting Tile


Tile is still one of the most popular choices for bathroom floors, shower enclosures, bathtub surrounds, and even walls because of its beauty and functionality. If you opt for tile, choosing the right one is crucial in setting the tone and aesthetic. While classic white or gray tiles offer timeless beauty and can keep your bathroom bright, don’t just settle for the ordinary. Opt for patterns and accents that resonate with you and transform your space into something extraordinary.


Tile is highly versatile as a design element, with different colors, patterns, and materials. Even tile grouts come in a wide variety of colors. On the practical side, tile is ideal for resisting water damage and continually looking fresh and new when well-maintained. When designing with tile, stick with a theme that will appeal to you over the long run – replacing tile is messy and time-consuming. Tile comes in a broad range of price points, from inexpensive to exorbitant, so pay attention to your budget when selecting tile. As much as people love luxurious master bathrooms, you don’t want that space to absorb a significant proportion of your home budget.


Double Sinks


A double sink is one of the most basic requirements for luxury – maybe even for the harmony of your relationship! However much you may love your spouse, you will appreciate having a separate personal space in the bathroom. Beyond the aesthetics, they enhance functionality and organization for both of you. 


Double sinks also introduce versatility into the space. There is no requirement that double sinks be side by side or identical. Different spaces and different designs can lend your master bath some visual appeal. Customize your vanity space to suit what you want for yourself. You can put your sinks and counters at different heights, add a vanity seat, and create special storage for things like make-up, hair accessories, shaving items, and so on. Think through your morning and evening routines and give yourself a space that provides you the ultimate in utility, comfort, and luxury.


Ample Storage


To maintain a clean and organized master bath, you will need ample storage. In addition to having a place for all your personal items in your vanity area, ensure you have sufficient space for bath linens, extra supplies of products, and things like toilet paper, facial tissue, bathroom cleaning items, first aid supplies, and perhaps even bed linens. Whether it’s many vanity cabinets, a custom-built linen closet, or strategically placed open shelves, having dedicated spaces for your bathroom essentials is crucial if you want convenience and comfort. Adequate storage contributes to a spa-like aesthetic and ensures that your countertops remain clutter-free, creating a less stressful environment.


Relaxation and Rejuvenation: Showers and Tubs


One thing you can do with a custom master bath is to design it as a spa retreat. That may mean several things: a place to take a rejuvenating morning rain shower in a large enclosure with windows into a private garden or a cozy place to leisurely relax in a soaking tub before bedtime. Whatever you envision, you can create. You can elevate your shower with multiple spray heads or even install a steam shower enclosure with seating. Get an oversized reclining tub with massage jets, or opt for an unusual tub shape for striking visual appeal. There are endless options for showers and tubs that let you indulge in your idea of luxurious pampering.


Quality Hardware and Finishes


The finishing touches in your custom master bath come in the form of quality faucets, sinks, shower heads, toilets, mirrors, cabinets, lighting, windows, and hardware. Spend time online or looking at magazines to see what styles and finishes appeal to you. Consider your floor layout and window placement, and create a cohesive design concept incorporating all the features you want. Then make sure all your components will work together, all the way down to the knobs on your cabinets. 


At Aspen Homes, we know that building a dream home is about much more than practicality. In many cases, people’s dreams have less to do with space and size than making a home that feels right and reflects their personalities and tastes. While practicality is always a consideration in any home design, with the master bath, you can go far beyond the practical to create a bathroom that is your personal sanctuary. In this private haven, you can escape the stress, noise, and cares of the outside world. The possibilities are almost endless; you don’t need to be conventional here – you can be quirky and daring. It’s your personal space, so make it what you want. 

If you are interested in building a custom home in North Idaho, please contact Aspen Homes. We’d love to show you how your dream home can become a reality.

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