Outdoor Living and Landscaping: Plan Now

Outdoor Living and Landscaping: Plan Now 


Everyone who lives in North Idaho knows that winters here can deceive you. Just when you think spring is in the air, winter sends you a pointed reminder that it hasn’t really left. 

But rather than despair that spring and summer will never arrive, take a leap of faith and start to prepare for outdoor living. Rather than just wistfully looking out the window at gray skies, February and March are an ideal time to start working on your outdoor landscaping and living space plan. 


At Aspen Homes, we always give attention to outdoor spaces in our home designs. Landscaping, gardens, and outdoor living spaces like patios, pools, decks, and barbecue areas are a huge part of what makes a home enjoyable. 


North Idaho is known for its lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests, and many homes we design are situated on lots that have gorgeous views. The summers in this part of the country are beautiful, with long evenings, cool breezes, and glorious sunsets. You can enhance your enjoyment of the weather and wilderness here by beautifying your property and creating outdoor spaces, whether looking through your windows at your lovely garden or sitting out on your veranda sipping a cool drink.


Planning Early for Your Outdoor Living Space


Here are a few reasons you should jump into the spirit of spring even while there’s snow on the ground.


Beat the Rush


If you don’t have a plan, you cannot execute one. If you wait too long to figure out what you want to do, you may be late to the game when you are finally ready to move forward. If you want to do a large project like building a deck or patio, you will need to have materials and contractors lined up, and in this part of the country, there aren’t any construction crews sitting around with nothing to do. In fact, many crews can start early in the season if the conditions are right and it’s warm enough, so you can get a jump on a project pretty early, even if it may have to be paused for the occasional snow flurry. You’ll be glad you started early when those first robins alight on your lawn.


Similarly, nurseries have also been at work. You will want to make sure that the sod, trees, bushes, pots, benches, and other landscaping components you want are on order so that you can get them onsite as soon as possible. Find a local professional landscaper who can help you with ideas and insights. Given the variable weather up here, their expertise and experience are invaluable in helping you time your projects right. 


Optimum Conditions


Landscape professionals will tell you that different types of plants can be planted when it is still cold out, while others may need to wait until it is warmer or the danger of frost is past. Part of your planning process is scheduling. Being able to do different tasks over several months is much easier than waiting for the weather to cooperate and rushing in all at once. Besides, getting outside and working on your landscape vision when there is still a chill in the air can be stimulating and gratifying. Your chosen plants will have ample time to establish themselves before the summer sets in and give you a thriving and resilient landscape.


Escape the Winter Blues


As noted above, winters can be long in North Idaho. However, you can still feed that itch to escape the winter blues by jumping into your good-weather plans. Immersing yourself in mapping out a colorful garden, planning your ideal outdoor barbecue layout for a party, or shopping online for a new patio dining set or firepit can generate excitement and anticipation. 


Strategic Considerations


Many nurseries are still in winter mode, but you want to be among the first to get there when they open their doors. That allows you to take full advantage of selecting the best plants and learn from the expertise and advice of the gardeners there. 


Time for Research


When you are not in a rush, you have plenty of time to research what you want to do and weigh different options. Time lets you carefully consider the layout of your outdoor space to ensure each element finds its perfect place, creating a harmonious and functional environment. When you eliminate the stress associated with trying to find what you want among dwindling stocks at the nursery or missing a planting window, you will make better decisions and can feel confident that the final result of all your preparations will be extraordinary.


Budget Friendly 


Landscaping can be costly, so putting a plan in place lets you get a realistic idea of what sort of budget you will need to get your desired result. Planning gives you time to research suppliers, models, manufacturers, and prices. Planning early helps you set funds aside or determine when you will need to make expenditures. 


Remember that you can execute your plan in stages. Suppose you eventually want a complete outdoor kitchen or to build an outdoor fireplace. In that case, you can still add these more ambitious projects into your long-term plan. If they are too costly now, some parts of your plan may have to be delayed for a year or two. However, a good plan will enable you to stage your projects in such a way that you can still enjoy the work you accomplish this year without your outdoor spaces feeling unfinished.


Consultation Opportunities


Landscape professionals are usually experiencing downtime during the winter, so this is an excellent opportunity to consult with and interview them. Gain valuable insights and recommendations to guide you in designing your landscape and selecting professionals you would like to work with.

Custom homes are not just buildings – they encompass every aspect of a project, from site selection to interior design and landscaping. If you’re dreaming of a custom home in North Idaho that seamlessly integrates beautiful landscaping and outdoor design with your interior living spaces, Aspen Homes is here for you. Contact Aspen Homes today to schedule a visit. Let us share your vision; we would love to work with you to turn your dream home into a reality.

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