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In the wake of the unprecedented events of 2020, many people’s lives have changed, but those changes have also transformed the work landscape. Had the lockdowns lasted only two weeks as promised, the whole pandemic would probably have been just a blip in everybody’s lives. But their prolonged existence transformed the economy and, more importantly, how we approach work.


Businesses that took unprecedented measures during this time provoked workers to reevaluate their priorities and adapt to new ways of operating. Once seen as the pinnacle of stability and security, traditional corporate structures revealed their vulnerabilities. Many people realized their jobs were less appealing than they once were, particularly when they did not offer them the security, stability, and support they imagined. The result? A surge in people breaking rank and embracing entrepreneurship. It opened the door for people to take the chance to follow their dreams.


North Idaho is known for its independent spirit and has become a magnet for those seeking a freer way of life. The trend has also spurred the rise of co-working spaces, where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to work without the constraints of traditional corporate culture limiting their interactions. 


However, not all independent ventures can thrive within the confines of a standard office space. Some work-from-home employees and entrepreneurs need more than a computer and an internet connection. How can they benefit from co-working spaces when they require a more versatile facility to run their businesses, needing warehousing areas, workshops, or storage space for equipment and inventory? This is where Aspen Trade Shops emerges as a game-changer.


The Benefits of Trade Co-Working


Aspen Trade Shops is a commercial development project of Aspen Homes, a premier custom-home builder in North Idaho known for architecturally distinctive structures. Aspen Trade Shops is an innovative concept that brings the benefits of co-working to tradespeople.


Situated conveniently on the southwest corner of Ramsey and Hayden Road in Hayden, Aspen Trade Shops offers a unique solution for small trade contractors and entrepreneurs. The complex comprises 24 units, each boasting 1250 square feet of open warehouse space with 18 feet of clear height, providing ample room for a variety of business activities. Additionally, a 240-square-foot loft adds versatility to the space, allowing for additional storage, office, or conference space.


One of the key features of Aspen Trade Shops is its 12×14 roll-up garage door, facilitating easy movement of equipment and materials in and out of the unit. This feature enhances functionality and offers the flexibility to transform the space into an open-air environment, ideal for projects requiring ventilation or outdoor work. At the same time, like co-working spaces, the 24-unit complex encourages networking, collaboration, and collegiality, giving tradespeople all the benefits of a co-working environment without locking them into a desk job.


While Aspen Trade Shops is perfectly designed to meet the needs of trade contractors, its versatility extends to homeowners seeking a premium storage solution. Beyond traditional storage rental spaces, these units offer a superior alternative, fully finished with electrical, plumbing, and communication infrastructure. Moreover, the units can be customized to suit individual requirements, providing a tailored solution for businesses and homeowners alike.


Aspen Trade Shops represents more than just a commercial complex; it embodies the spirit of innovation and adaptability that defines the new era of work and North Idaho. Whether you’re a trade contractor looking for office and shop space, an artisan needing a studio, or a homeowner in need of premium storage, Aspen Trade Shops offers the perfect blend of functionality, flexibility, and convenience without locking you into renting more space than you need or forcing you into an industrial park.

With units now completed and available for lease, we invite you to visit Aspen Trade Shops and discover the endless possibilities this innovative facility holds for your small business or personal needs. Embrace the freedom to redefine your workspace and unlock your full potential at Aspen Trade Shops in Hayden. Call Aspen Homes today to learn more.

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