Build From Anywhere


Project Viewer


Welcome to the new way of building custom homes. Project Viewer is Aspen Homes’ response to the growing need for building homes when the clients can’t be local while their home is built. Harnessing the latest and greatest technology, Project Viewer gives Aspen Homes the power to provide you, the client, with full access to your home build from anywhere in the world. So build your home while relaxing on the beach, and we’ll take care of you.



Track Your Project Running Total


We understand that every dollar counts. When you login to Project Viewer, you will be able to see what the running total of your new home build. This ensures that you are always in the know throughout the entire building process. Who else does that?

Follow Job Progress


The calendar is just another way to keep you up to date with what is being done during the build of your new home build. The calendar is a fluid environment that changes as different aspects of the building project get extended or get done earlier than projected. Come experience the Aspen difference for yourself today.

“We lived in North Carolina while our home was being built on the other side of the US! We loved being able to watch our home being built from across the map!”


– Jerry & Suzan G.


Progress Photos


During the construction of your new home build, you should always be allowed to see your home’s progress throughout the building process. Project Viewer makes this seamless experience possible through every building phase. From the start of the foundation to the last piece of trim being installed, expect to see your home come to life through progress photos.

Easy Change Order Approval


Need to approve a change order but don’t want to wait for snail mail or a fax? Not a problem, with Project Viewer you have the control to approve any change order with the touch of your finger tip. Simply bring up the change order on your mobile device and sign with your finger, it really is just that easy.



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