This Spring, Make Your Home More “Northwest”

Living in the Northwest means we’re fortunate to be surrounded by many facets of nature’s beauty. And when Spring arrives, no region is as picturesque. From woods, to mountain ranges, to scenic farmland, it’s a setting that can be truly inspiring. Especially when it comes to building, or designing the interior of, our homes. For those where money is no object, the most majestic, finely detailed Northwest-themed homes can be built. Yet, many people desire to infuse this style into their current, or yet to be built house, without breaking the bank.

Here at Aspen Homes, we indeed build stunning Northwest homes – spanning the rustic to the modern. As interior design experts as well, we wanted to share a few quick tips with those that simply want to add Northwest touches to create that natural atmosphere, whether laid-back, rustic, a bit bohemian, or a touch classic. Overall, you can embrace plaid textiles, woods, warm colors, exposed brick, and midcentury pieces, and more, to accomplish that goal.

Here are a few ideas:

01. A Rustic Touch

Using nature’s own element – especially woods – for dinner tables, side tables, or artistic creative pieces can truly drive the charm. It creates a lodge-like, cozy look. It’s also a good idea to be eco-conscious, and create beautiful pieces made from reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood.

02. Go a Bit Native

There’s a rich Native American history in our region, and their respective styles can add vibrancy and authenticity to your Northwest home. Think about peppering around your house items like blankets or throws or pillows that showcase the vivid colors and intricate patterns of this culture.

03. A Little Leather

For any Northwest inspired home, infusing a bit of leather adds to the aura. We don’t recommend a ton of the material, but just enough touches to accent a room. This could come to life via a leather throw, or small living room chairs crafted with leather. There are a range of shades and colors you can choose for this style.

04. Classic American

You can really elevate a true Northwest feel with a bit of “history” or midcentury type accents – both big and small. This creates a sense of nostalgia and a bit of a dramatic effect without overdoing it.  By implementing Early American furniture, mirrors, or classic chandeliers – like in this Aspen home featured in Houzz.com’s latest article – you can craft a time-honored look.

05. Industrial Insights

Although not “typical” Northwest style, infusing some industrial or vintage pieces as accents creates a bit of a modern edge. This will give a nice contemporary balance to your home, yet won’t take away from the overall natural feel – if that’s what you’re striving for. Items like metal dining tables. entertainment centers, or just cool pieces of art will do the trick.

06. True Colors 

Colors, of course, are a huge decision and can really set the tone. So when decorating in Northwest style, you’ll want to stick with the natural colors that are inherent to our region. it’s important to stick to the natural colors of the region – for example, like utilizing white, gray, blue, brown, and green for both inside and outside the home.

As you can see, you have many options – many of which can be done inexpensively – to truly create the Northwest vibe you desire. Just be creative, and never settle for something that doesn’t suit your specific taste.